Kiehl’s ‘Forest Rain’

Okay, so this one is slightly outside my remit…perfume is not something I was intending on covering in this blog! To be fair, my intention on venturing into my local SPACE NK over the weekend was to carry out some vital research into their make up lines. Whilst wandering around the shop though I stopped at the fragrance shelves, as I always do..lingering infront of the many delicious smelling bottles (part of their appeal is without doubt the rather lavish price tags attached to them).The latest fragrance from Kiehl, ‘Forest Rain’, grabbed my attention because of it’s lovely green colour and very maculine shape…surely this had to be a men’s fragrance?

I am pretty fussy when it comes to perfumes: citrus tones definitely win the day over musky (headache-inducing) ones.  The best way to descibe this fragrance from Kiehl is a crossover between the citrussy perfumes on offer from the likes of Jo Malone, and, now,  sadly, rather naff unisex perfumes of the early 90s, such as CK One. However, that really doesn’t do justice to ‘Forest Rain’, which combines a lovely musky smell with a refreshing citrus note in a much more grown up and sophisticated way. The blurb describes it as: 

‘ Our fresh, yet spicy woodsy blend of Muguet, Vetiver, Citrus and Musk was inspired by the extensive essence collection of the original “Kiehl Pharmacy,” where 122 unique fragrant oils from the world over have been offered over the years.’

The name is truly apt, as it really does remind of a walk in the forest, just after it’s rained…not that I do much of that in London…

‘Forest Rain’ is not a new fragrance, but, hey, it’s new to me. It’s marketed as a unisex fragrance, although in my opinion it might appeal more to women than men. The bottle is definitely part of the attraction (see below). It currently retails at Space NK at a relatively affordable £38.50 (

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